Smart Pharmacy
Delivered to Your Loved Ones

Mom & Dad’s Medications, Shipped to their Home, with a Smart Pill Dispenser!

Transfer your parents' prescription to Pills & Beyond, and give them the best medication management solution available!

We will ship ready-to-use medication trays to your loved ones, and include the MedMinder smart pill dispenser!
Pop the trays into the pill dispenser, and you’re ready to go.

There’s no extra cost beyond their co-pay, and our pharmacists will take care of transferring the prescription.


The Best Pill Dispenser at No Extra Cost

How does it Work?


A Pills & Beyond pharmacist will transfer your parent’s prescriptions to our pharmacy


Pills & Beyond sorts, packages and ships the meds to your parent


Load the medication tray into the MedMinder pill dispenser


Enjoy the MedMinder alerts, reminders and monitoring service