How much are my co-pays?

For most customers, your co-pay will be the same as at your local retail pharmacy. If you are currently receiving your medication from mail order or in 90-day supplies, you may pay a slightly higher co-pay at MedMinder Pharmacy, but there is no cost for your MedMinder Smart Dispenser.

How do I speak to the pharmacist?

You can call us toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 855-RX-BEYOND (1-855-792-3966) or email us at Our knowledgeable pharmacists are happy to help in any way they can.

Can you ship prescriptions to any state?

MedMinder Pharmacy currently provides its services in Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, Georgia, Minnesota, Connecticut, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Virginia, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Idaho, Missouri, Oregon, Kentucky, Arkansas, Maryland, Texas, New Mexico and Nebraska.
We are adding new states constantly so please check our availability page for the current listing, or request to be notified when we are available in your state.

Can my doctor send prescriptions directly to MedMinder Pharmacy?

MedMinder Pharmacy is our full-service pharmacy, just like your local retail pharmacy, so your doctor can send prescriptions to us at any time via their e-scribe software or via Fax: 844-633-6463, Phone: 855-RX-BEYOND (1-855-792-3966)

Can you send me medications that don’t fit in the trays, like inhalers, eye drops or creams?

Yes. We are a full-service pharmacy and can dispense inhalers, eye drops and creams, as well as prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins.

What do you do about medications I only take sometimes and not every day?

The medications you take only when you need them (rather than on a specific schedule) are dispensed in standard prescription bottles rather than in your MedMinder trays. If you find yourself taking an “as-needed” medication on a regular basis, our pharmacy team can help you decide whether it might make sense to get a new prescription so we can include them in your next tray

I am caring for a loved one, may I sign them up?

Of course! MedMinder Pharmacy is an integral part of caring for your loved one. Just call our care team at 855-RX-BEYOND (1-855-792-3966) and we will help guide you through the simple steps. Your MedMinder Smart Pill Dispenser will also allow setting up multiple caregiver accounts with access to reports and alerts for any missed doses. Our goal is to ensure peace of mind for you and your loved one.

How do you handle controlled drugs?

We can fill and include schedule III, IV, and V medications in your medication trays. Schedule II prescriptions cannot be packaged in your trays and can only be filled by MedMinder Pharmacy in certain states. Please contact our pharmacists for further information

Do I need to call my doctor or current pharmacy?

No. We will handle everything! When you sign up, our care team takes over for you. As part of our Smart Pharmacy Program, we have a new customer orientation. During this we will gather your medication list and prescribers, our pharmacist will perform an initial reconciliation and contact your prescriber(s) for new prescriptions. From there we will work with you to set the best start date for your pre-packaged, pre-organized medication trays.

What happens if I get a new prescription?

If it is a medication that needs to begin right away, we will ship you a supply to last you until your next medication tray arrives with simple to follow instructions for adding them to your current cups. In certain cases you may have a medication that is temporary and must start immediately, (an antibiotic, for example). We recommend getting the initial doses for such medications at a local retail pharmacy. In all cases, we will ship you a complete new tray with all your current medications every two weeks. Of course, whenever you have a concern or question, just call. Our pharmacist is there for you.

What happens if my dose changes?

If you have a medication with frequent dose changes, we may put that medication in a separate card for you, or send a pill bottle with simple to follow instructions for adding them to your current cups. And again, we will ship you a new complete tray with all your current medications every two weeks. As partners on your care team, we will be working closely with your prescribers for the best and easiest way to manage your medications.

What if I need an antibiotic?

If you have a medication that is temporary and must start immediately, (an antibiotic, for example) we recommend filling that as soon as possible at a local retail pharmacy. As always, if you are confused or unsure, please call and speak to our pharmacist.

Can you include vitamins or aspirin in my medication trays?

We are happy to. Preventative care is important to your well-being. We can include most over-the-counter medications that you may take to help keep you on track!

Can you also ship medications that don’t fit in packets, like eye drops, inhalers and creams?

Yes. As your full-service pharmacy we will make sure you have eye drops, inhalers, shampoos and creams, in addition to your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins all delivered to your door.

Can you send insulin as well as supplies such as test strips and needles for insulin pens?

We can send insulin and needles for insulin pens. We will ship insulin overnight via temperature-controlled packaging. For test strips, we can bill third party insurance (not Medicare B) and mail them to you.

How do you get my insurance information?

Prior to enrolling in MedMinder Pharmacy’s Medication Management, we will interview you or a caregiver to gather any required data including insurance information.

When can I speak to a pharmacist?

Our pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm Eastern Daylight Time. After normal business hours, a voicemail line is available for our customers and a pharmacist will return your call. Of course, in the case of a medical emergency, please call 911.

Do I need to call you with refills?

No. We are not just your pharmacy, we are your personal medication manager! Because we partner with you from the time you join us, we have a complete profile of your medications and will manage all of your refills for you. NO MORE RUNNING AROUND, let our trained staff run for you! If due to your insurance a prescription needs a prior authorization, we start early with your doctor and insurance company to be able to get your medication to you on time.

How do you fill these trays custom just for me?

We’ve designed a multiple step process involving machine based scanning and filling as well as quality checks by our pharmacist and staff prior to sealing and shipping your custom trays to ensure accurate doses in the right cups for the right times.

What insurance plans do you accept?

MedMinder Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans, including the majority of Medicare Part D plans. The quickest way to ensure we can fill your prescriptions is to check with your insurance directly, we are MedMinder Pharmacy in Needham, MA 02494.

How much does MedMinder Pharmacy’s Smart Pharmacy Program cost?

There is no charge for your MedMinder Smart Pill Dispenser or our smart pharmacy program. For most plans your standard 30-day co-pays will of course apply the same as at your local retail pharmacy. If you are currently receiving your medication from mail order or in 90-day supplies, you may pay a slightly higher co-pay at MedMinder Pharmacy.
You will receive a monthly billing statement that shows the cost of your medications, the amount that was covered by insurance, and the amount to be paid out-of-pocket. There are no shipping, handling, or extra fees for using MedMinder Pharmacy.

How much are my co-pays?

For most plans and most people your standard 30-day co-pays will of course apply the same as at your local retail pharmacy. Your best bet is to call and ask! Here are some exceptions worth checking on with your insurance company:

  • If you are currently receiving your medication from mail order or in 90-day supplies, you may pay a slightly higher co-pay for choosing 30 day supplies.
  • Depending upon where you live some insurers will have some differences for different types of pharmacies (Walmart for example).

Am I signing up for a long contract?

No, as your trusted pharmacy, our commitment is to deliver on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you or your loved ones medications are accurate and on time. If for any reason you want to cancel, just call and we will take care of transferring your information to wherever you wish.

How will you bill me?

We will set up a MedMinder Pharmacy account and keep a credit card on file to charge monthly for co-pays or any non-prescription items you may have ordered. We understand everyone’s circumstance is unique and if you require and specific handling or third party billing please call our care team.

Do you guarantee my medication?

As your trusted pharmacy and member of your care team, we will ship your trays well before your refill date. You can track your shipments online and we 100% guarantee your order is accurate and on time. If for some reason there is a problem we will fix it at our expense and overnight at no cost.

How can I change my address?

Call us at 855-RX-BEYOND (1-855-792-3966) or use the “contact us” link on our website.

What do you do if I go away or on vacation?

This is a normal issue for our pharmacy, simply tell our care team when you’ll be away and we will either contact your insurance company to allow you enough medication to last until you return or arrange for alternate shipping address*.
*some restrictions due to licensing may apply.

How often do you ship?

Our pharmacist will coordinate with you to ship in the most efficient way we can. Your MedMinder Pill Dispenser is smart enough to handle different numbers of doses per day. Generally, we ship you 2 new medication trays every 14 days. That may be a 2 week supply if you take medicine more than 2 times per day or enough for a month if you take medicine only 2 times per day or less. We will also include any non-emergency, as-needed meds, eye drops, inhalers, or creams that you request since your last shipment.

Can you do an emergency or overnight shipment?

While we can overnight, if your medication should start immediately, like an antibiotic, we recommend filling at a local retail pharmacy. If you’re not sure about the urgency of starting the medication, call our care team.

Is it safe to ship medication?

Yes, we ship our trays via UPS. You can track your shipment or ask that a tracking number be emailed to you with each shipment.

Where is the pharmacy physically located?

Our pharmacy is located at 30 Wexford St., Needham, MA 02494

Privacy and Security

Are MedMinder trays child safe?

While our trays as shipped are not child safe and must remain out of the reach of children, your MedMinder Smart Pill Dispenser is optionally available as a locked unit with constant online monitoring, so once your tray is loaded your medications are safely locked until each dose becomes available.

Is the information I send MedMinder Pharmacy secure?

Your privacy and confidence in working with our pharmacy are critical your trust in us. We follow the latest security and encryption protocols and are fully HIPAA compliant. You may review our privacy policy and our terms of use.